About us

Birth of “cricshield”

Cricshield came to existence for the desiring and deserving people who want to make their career profesionally in cricket. The powerful spirit of Cricshield seeks to reimagine how Indian sports may unite the entire country in a single thread of power, respect, and recognition. 

Our Motto

Other from a fanatical obsession with cricket, we claim that the general public lacks sports knowledge and is ignorant of Indian sports and its challenges. Even though there is undoubtedly greater infrastructure now, Indian Sports (Cricket) is now regarded as one of the long-term professional options. So, due to a lack of confidence and huge competition in the field of cricket a lot of deserving youth stays behind due to less knowledge about all the rules and regulations of the cricket.
The knowledge and updates of all the events and matches is must for all the sportsperson who are seeking to make their future in cricket, that is why cricshield was established.

Cricshield Aim

Major issues that sportsmen encountered on their desire to represent India that were identified by us are as follows:

  • Few people have talent but were never recognized.
  • Few were recognized but not developed.
  • Few were developed, but they fell short of international requirements.
  • Few were swept away by the winds of corruption, politics, survival and lack of knowledge.

Hence, the journey began. We set out to find solutions to these issues for Indian sportsmen and the cricket industry. Cricshield makes trust and value among their followers and try to provide the best platforms present in different parts of the country for players who cant afford international training standards and try to educate them about the proper place where they can go and show their talent and can get selected without being the victim of politics. Moreover we also keep them updated with all the news, rules, new regulations regarding the game which are coming in on daily basis, so that players can update themselves with the new criteria so as to get selected any play internationally.

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