Future captain Cameron Green, recent news, scores

Green ought to be in leadership circles so that he can learn as much as he can from ageing leaders like Steve Smith, David Warner, and Usman Khawaja.

His state of Western Australia must be watchful in providing him with opportunities to advance.

There will come a day when Green firmly enters the reckoning as the Australian captain just by virtue of his experience and qualifications if his career maintains the steady upward trend it has over the past three years.

With his first Test century, Green blended blazing drives with risky pull shots and second-day patience when it was necessary to attack India’s jaded attack in the fourth Test. It was a rare display of composure and class.

At first look, Green might not seem to have the natural charisma of someone like Mark Taylor, but he is cool-headed and composed, which is a good start in a sport where the ability to settle men down rather than rouse them can be the most important talent of all.

Future Test leaders may frequently be concealed or presented in misleading ways.

When Steve Waugh was going through the system, he occasionally exhibited a reserve that bordered on shyness.

Ricky Ponting was an accomplished scoundrel. Steve Smith was a strange, cricket-obsessed young man who didn’t seem like the kind to be in control.

Yet they all made it.

Cameron Green celebrates his first Test century on Friday.
Cameron Green celebrates his first Test century on Friday.Source: gettyimages

Even the legendary Allan Border preferred to be among the boys and had no particular desire to lead the toss. Throughout the first seven or so years of his international career, neither did Pat Cummins.

Things can shift suddenly. You occasionally need to sow a seed.

Future leader development has never been a strong suit of Australia. Typically, it allows the system to use its inherent abrasive forces and produces a few respectable possibilities.

Green is only 23 years old, but he has attended school and been in the first class system since he was 17 years old.

When WA authorities called his parents at the age of 17 to see if he may have a dressing room beer, they were immediately struck by his maturity. He declined the invitation since they expressed a preference that he not go.

Indeed, there have been a few leaders—like Michael Clarke—who had the aura of a “future captain in waiting,” but these instances are few.

Australia has produced some of the world’s best captains who never really desired the position.

Green already possesses one outstanding trait that would make him an effective leader. His body language and speech have an air of genuine genuineness and radiate honesty, which is a good place to start. He is related to both ends of the squad because he bowlers and bats.

Usman Khawaja was regarded by Queensland players as the best captain Australia has never had, and they were shocked that he was never even asked to a leadership training that featured five players a few years ago.

He was a wise decision that Australia overlooked, demonstrating that sometimes it’s difficult to notice the obvious choices.

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