Virat Kohli furious after Umpire debatable call creates controversy in second Test

After Kohlis dismissal, he was not at all happy. He thought that debatable appeal of lbw will go in his favor but it went to Aussie side. Everyone present in the Indian dressing room was not happy at all either with the decision.

On the second day of 2nd Test match against Australia, Virat Kohli was totally dominating all the spinners of Australia in Delhi. He played really smoothly and used his wrist skills to push Nathan Lyon and Todd Murphy’s spin. He was getting really confident in even playing at back foot or even if the bounce sustains. He was looking really dangerous for Australian side to go for really big knock so as to take team to reputed total as team has already lost 5 wickets.

Then debutant from Australia Matthew Kuhnemann has bowled a really nice delivery which brings them in the call of lbw for Virat Kohli which becomes a really questionable call between on field umpire and third umpire but it comes in the favor of Matthew which ended Kohli’s second inning on 44 on Saturday.

After the appeal Kohli immediately took DRS because he thought that there has been the involvement of bat and ball is going down. Then even third Umpire Richard Illingworth took too long to decide whether bat comes in before the pad or after. But third Umpire needs to have clear evidence to prove that the result of on field Umpire is wrong but he doesn’t have any possible evidence so he gave result in favor of Australia. It looks like the ball hits the inside edge of bat and pads at the same time. Ball tracker also shows that ball was going to hit the stumps so it was his call to stay with original decision.

Even after going back to the dressing room it was seen that Kohli is not happy and furious after watching replays again and again.

Even Mark Waugh said, “in these kind of debatable calls the decision goes in the favor of batsmen and 9 out of 10 times it comes in the favor of batsman”.

On the other side Australians was really happy that Kunhemann got his first maiden wicket and that too of world class batsman Virat Kohli. But interesting thing is that Virat Kohli got out second time by a debutant in this series as by Todd Murphy in the first Test in Nagpur.

Meanwhile Australian spinner Nathan Lyon took 4 wickets to stop India at 88-4 at lunch on Day2 in second test. At the end of the day Lyon said that “ I think the right decision was made. No doubt Virat would be saying that he hit it and it should have gone his way. But hats off to the Umpires as it is very tough time. We as bowlers was trying to put pressure on them to get decision in our favour. In the end, decision was right”.

India started their innings on Saturday on 21-0 after Australias out for 263 on the first day and started making more runs slowly as Lyon took 4-25 which took their top batsman.

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